NN10 Dog Walking
NN10 Dog Walking

Terms and Conditions


The Walker will carry liability insurance relative to the services performed for The Owner.

The Walker accepts no liabilty for any breach of security or loss of or damage to The Owner's property if any other person has access to the property during the term of the agreement.

The Walker shall not be liable for any mishap of whatsoever nature that may befall a pet or caused by a pet that has unsupervised access to the outdoors.

The Owner shall be liable for all medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to The Walker caused by the pet as well as damage to The Owner's property.

The Walker is released from all liability related to transporting pet(s) to and from any veterinary clinic or kennel, the medical treatment of the pet(s) and the expense thereof.



In the event of an emergency The Walker will contact The Owner at the numbers provided to confirm The Owner's choice of action. If The Owner cannot be reached in reasonable time The Walker is authorised to:-

          Transport the pet(s) to the listed veterinarian;

          Request onsite treatment from a veterinarian;

          Transport the pet(s) to an emergency clinic if the previous two options are not feasible.



The Walker warrants to keep safe and confidential all keys, remote control entry devices, access codes and personal information of The Owner and to return same to The Owner at the end of the contract or immediately on demand.



Dogs must be sociable with other dogs, people and children.

Dogs must be lead trained and safe to walk without undue pulling.

Dogs must be up to date with all worm and flea treatment.

Dogs must be in good general health.

The Owner should provide suitable leads and collars.

Your dog may return wet or muddy. The Walker will towel your dog off, but cannot be held responsible for cleaning the dog or the house.

Should any veterinary advice or treatment be needed, no matter how it was incurred, The Owner will be entirely responsible for paying the bill.

Non-castrated dogs (unless under 18 months) or bitches in season will not be accepted for walks, but are acceptable for home visits.

You must advise us of any behavioural problems, traits or vices your dog may have before we take charge of them.

All dogs will remain on the lead unless prior agreement and written permission has been received from The Owner.

The duration of a dog walk is 60 minutes unless otherwise agreed.

We reserve the right to use our personal judgement to cut short a walk in the best interests of your dog if we think it necessary, e.g. extreme weather conditions, injury, mobility issues ets.

We reserve the right to decline or terminate a booking. In this case any prepayment for outstanding bookings will be refunded within 7 days.

Your dog is welcome to bring their favorite ball or toy on walks but we cannot take any responsibilty for loss of or damage to these items.

In the case of us visiting your property by prior arrangement in your absence you should notify your neighbours and home insurance company if required.

When pet sitting in The Owners home, The Sitter shall not use the landline telephone except in an emergency.

The Sitter is in no way liable for the cost of utilities (water, gas, electricity, telephone, council tax) whilst sitting with your permission.

The Sitter shall return your home in as good a condition as it was left.



All payment must be made upfront unless otherwise negotiated.

All payment must be made in full within 7 days of the invoice date.

Payment must be made either in cash or by bank transfer. Cheques are not accepted.

Late payment will incur a £10 daily penalty fee.

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